Was Mom Lost?

The title for this new blog, Discovering My Mom, might lead someone to suppose I was an adopted child looking for my birth parent. That is not the case. I’m one of six children from a family that I used to describe as close-knit.

The reality is that I left home for college back in the 1970s. The years went by and I left Kansas when I finished college and started on my career. Sure I would visit several times a year from wherever I was (Ohio, Maryland, Texas, Florida, New Hampshire). For two weeks, I’d  soak up the family atmosphere and catch up on the family news. Between visits, letters and phone calls kept me somewhat filled in on what was happening in the family.

During those years that I was gone, my younger sisters grew up, started working, married, and had children. For the most part, they lived nearby to the folks and saw each other weekly or even daily. They seemed happy to see me each time I made my pilgrimage to Kansas.

It wasn’t until Mom died at age 88 that I realized how much I had missed over the years. My sisters were willing for me to bring Mom’s papers home with me. She and I were collaborating on three family books and there was still a lot of research and compiling to do on those. I packed up 22 boxes of files, photos, diaries and notebooks to carry back to Florida with me.

Now I need to get to work on those books to carry on Mom’s legacy. As I pull out a file and see the notes in Mom’s handwriting, I’m finding bits and pieces of my mother that are new to me. Thus my blog is about discovering my mom.

I don’t know who might read this blog. Perhaps my sisters will or my writing friends. Maybe it will interest other women wanting a closer connection with their mother or who’ve lost their mom. We’ll see.

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