Having Librarian Genes

I became a librarian, spending 30 years as a children’s librarian, reference librarian and library director. Interestingly, many of my sisters worked in libraries over the years as well. My older sister worked the check out desk at the local library, another sister helped organize a church library and a third sister became a children’s librarian. Mom’s sister worked at the Seadrift Public Library and was instrumental in their getting a new library there. My niece, Diana went to library school for her master’s degree and works in the Kansas City Public Library.

Mom never worked in a library but she organized her home library with the authors and types of books grouped together. Dad built a bookshelf unit that covered a long wall in their living room. The top shelf displayed Dad’s collection of Lincoln biographies. Other shelves showed off their vintage favorites like Zane Grey, B.M. Bower, and other classic westerns that Dad liked to read over and over.

There was a section for books on Norman Rockwell, William Allen White and Will Rogers.  A stack of 1940s Saturday Evening Posts sat on the bottom shelf. The books and magazines spilled over into other rooms with bookshelves in the bedroom, the computer room and even the enclosed back porch.

Mom cataloged the books in a brown spiral notebook. Lists arranged by author filled the lined pages. There were even lists showing the runs they had of magazines like Organic Gardening with the dates they owned and the ones they needed to fill out their collection. I’m guessing she took the list with her to yard sales so she knew what to buy and what they already had.

Librarian genes definitely run in our family.

mom's book list notebook

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