A Country Girl

As an author, my mom, gave people the impression that she was a simple country girl who in her old age jotted down her memories. Her book won an award, the Ferguson Kansas History Book Award.  Hey, that was easy…. anyone could do it.

The reality was that she honed her writing skills with many years of attending workshops with the Kansas Authors Club (KAC) and with critiques from the local group, Prairie Prose. She took a class at the community college to develop her computer skills.

She entered writing contests held by the local museum, the Wichita newspaper and the annual contests held by KAC. She took the judges’ criticisms to heart and reworked the pieces many times. She shared them with her daughters who checked her grammar and gave input on the flow of the stories.

I’m finding umpteen versions of her stories among her papers. It shows how much work she put in to end up with the seemingly simple memory pieces that resulted in her book. Yes, she was a simple country girl, but her writings are carefully crafted and honed through much effort.

Kids at the old camp in Greenwood County, KS

Kids at the oil camp in Greenwood County, KS
Gail McGhee in front, Melba McGhee on the right, with cousins Buss and Wanda.

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