Pretty Woman

I don’t think of Mom as being vain about her looks. Yet at the rehab center after breaking her hip, she resisted leaving her room for meals and for therapy. My sisters finally realized that some of that was due to Mom worrying about the way her hair looked.

After a hair dresser gave her a wash, trim and styling, she was more willing to venture out to the lunch room and to participate in the therapy. She still fussed about how the other patients would perceive her. Many at the rehab were city folks from the Wichita area. Mom’s insecurities lingered, possibly going back to her childhood as the outsider, the oilfield camp kid.

She asked her daughter to bring her books so she could show them to the staff. Remembering that she was a published author who had won an award and been honored at book signings bolstered her courage.

Gail Lee Martin Locket
Gail Lee Martin Locket by vallain

We all want to look our best in a challenging situation. At 88, Mom was still a pretty woman. Her wrinkles showed years of smiles etched into her soft skin.

January 4, 2013 - about a week before her death from a heart attack.

January 4, 2013 – about a week before her death from a heart attack.

Here’s Mom with her hair freshly styled at the rehab center. Her sister, Carol Garriott took the photo. I have another page with more photos of Gail Lee Martin showing that women are beautiful at any age. It’s a different kind of beauty from the bloom and vigor of youth, as we get older our character shows through our features. There’s kindness, humor, inquisitiveness and so much more showing in Mom’s face at 88.


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