Rise and Shine

As a kid, the cheery sound of Mom’s voice brought me awake. “Rise and shine,” she would call up the stairway. Six children would pull the covers more closely around their chins and resist the summons. “Time to get up, Slug-a-bed” she would urge in a bright tone of voice.

I’d probably stayed up late reading. I would huddle on the top stair step to use the light of the dim overhead bulb to read past my bedtime. Now as an adult, I still find it hard to get to bed on time. That made it hard to get up. This morning I needed a cheery voice to pull me out of bed.

I fixed myself a cup of hot cranberry juice and added some green tea to it. This definitely wasn’t in keeping with my childhood memories. Mom didn’t drink tea or coffee, so none of her children did either. Dad was the sole coffee drinker in the family. He had an aluminum coffee pot to perk the coffee in.

I think a few of my sisters drink hot or cold tea as adults and Karen learned to drink coffee while living in India. I’m still struggling to acquire a taste for tea, so I disguise it with added lemon or cranberry juice. I’m determined to get the health benefits that green tea gives, plus I really need to let go of my mug of hot chocolate. Too many calories.

2 thoughts on “Rise and Shine

  1. Rise and shine was a line my mother used, as well. She liked to stand at the bottom of the stairs and flip the light switch off and on as she yelled it. Funny because I always got in trouble for flipping the lights on and off, but Mom could get away with it if it served the purpose of getting us out of bed. Occassionally I will now flip the light switch for my kids… and I always feel guilty. Instead of remembering that I am the mom with power over the lights!

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  2. Made me smile! And when we didn’t come running downstairs, which of course we didn’t, she’d go on and on: Rise and Shine! Up and at ’em, big girls (you and Susan), up and at ’em, little girls (me and Cindy), up and at ’em, Owen! It’s a beautiful morning! Get moving!

    I, too, huddled on that cold landing reading late into the night under the dim bulb. Cindy would always tell on me though. 😉

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