First Birthday without Mom

If you were still alive on your 89th birthday, you would be having long phone conversations with your children and grandchildren. At least with those who were too far away to drop by for your special day. It’s not the same as being there to give you a hug and a gift.

Now you are even further away or is it closer? Anyway, I’m sure you are enjoying your birthday in heaven with Dad, wherever heaven is. Probably you can have all your favorite things there as well. There would be a baseball game going on your celestial television and a box of chocolate covered cherries at hand for you to sample.

We all miss you, but don’t know how to share those feelings. I’ll browse through your photos on my computer and go read once again some of your stories posted on Our Echo. I’ll remember how you liked to point out that your birthday fell on Friday the 13th and how you were a week older than Dad.

I love You Chocolate Covered Cherries Greeting Card
I love You Chocolate Covered Cherries Greeting Card by Samanthacat

Wishing I could hug you, but for now, this posting will have to serve. I know you wouldn’t want us to continue being sad, so I will try to think happy thoughts of you on your birthday.

Mom’s Favorite Tunes

My sister Karen turned up an old email that she had from Mom.  It was dated May 2011:
Thanks for the Roy Orbison songs! I have been listening almost all day long. I always loved Emmy Lu Harris. I knew the Roy wrote so many songs. I put it on my favorites [on the computer].
As I browsed around on the site I found Patsy Cline; LeAnne Rimes; and many others that I have missed hearing through the years. Johnnie Cash and of course the Carter family. I can play them when I’m doing something in the writing room and they don’t bother Dad. Just now I found Patsy singing The Tennessee Waltz.
Love all those old song and singers. Love you, Mom

Karen put together a marvelous collection of Mom favorite songs to play at her celebration of life. That was the music playing during the slide show.