Mom and Baseball

“You’re missing the world series, Mom!”

She and my dad devoted a lot of hours to watching baseball on television the last few years. Sometimes they would watch two games in one day. Back in the sixties, she was a big Cardinals fan, so I’m sure she would have been rooting for them to beat the Red Sox.

Back then, the Cardinals were the nearest team. There was no team in Kansas City. We would listen to the games on a portable radio as we weeded the vegetable garden. I remember the names still; Ken Boyer, Bob Gibson and Orlando Cepeda. There was Dick Groat, Ray Sadecki, Steve Carlton and Lou Brock. Stolen bases, amazing pitching and big hitters. What a great and memorable team.

Mom liked baseball at all levels. My sisters played on little league teams and Mom sat in the stands scoring the hits, plays and errors in the tiny boxes of the score sheet.

Gail and a favorite activity

Gail and a Favorite Activity

She became a Cubs fan in the last five years of her life. They could get all the Chicago games on cable. After Dad’s death, she still watched the games but missed discussing the players with him and complaining about the umpires.

My sister Karen started taking her to see the summer collegiate games in El Dorado. Despite the beastly heat, they cheered the young players on and made a family outing of it with Mom’s sister, CJ, and another daughter, Cindy participating and assorted grandchildren or great-grandchildren. A baseball fan to the end.

Photo by Karen Kolavalli

Gail Martin (in cap) and Her Sister

4 thoughts on “Mom and Baseball

  1. I enjoyed this post and I would have watched the games with Gail too. Just watched the World Series although our team lost out to St. Louis. Fortunately we did not have a baseball game of our own to go to tonight. so we were home for the final game. Our child now plays on a tournament team so we are always gone. My mom was a baseball fan too and I have many great memories of us sitting and listening to the games on the radio, long before they were ever televised.


  2. Oh, I was just thinking about Mom and Dad today and how they were missing the World Series! I remember listening to the Cardinals on WLS out of Chicago, too–was Harry Carey the announcer back then?


  3. Ginger, I love the posts you are doing about Gail. KEEPS HER ALIVE IN ALL OUR HEARTS! Harold & I have been enjoying the World Series even though our Yankees weren’t playing this year. KEEP up the good work.



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