Mom and the Round Robin

Guest Blogger today is my sister, Cynthia Ross:

I’m reading an Amish story that talks about the ‘Round-Robin’ letters like my mother, Gail Lee Martin, used to write with family members.

I enjoyed hearing her read them, telling of the marriages, deaths or just the details of their daily life. She’d then take her old letter out of the envelope & write a newsy letter before mailing it on to the next person on the list.

My sister, Shannon, started something like a family newsletter that kept us up-to-date on what was happening before e-mails/ Facebook became common. Now I wonder what my kids will do with the 2-large shoe boxes of letters Larry & I wrote to each other while he was in college….. Please remember letters & diaries are a window to the past.

Gail Lee Martin

Cindy Ross and Her Mom

3 thoughts on “Mom and the Round Robin

  1. I loved our Round Robin that went around for YEARS as I was growing up! Thanks for reminding me of these memories. Uncle Clarence (your grandpa) wrote the most interest letters. Melba Lu


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