Mom’s Cousins

Between the McGhees and the Vinings, my mother had quite a few cousins. Today was the funeral for one cousin. It’s sad to see that whole generation leaving us. The collective wisdom of these octogenarians and the family memories slip away.

Hopefully much of their knowledge and stories were passed along to their children. Hopefully my generation has sense enough to preserve those and pass them along with our own contributions to the next generation.

Farewell to Nancy Jane of Wellsville. My heart goes out to all who loved her.

Here’s a picture from over seventy years ago. Mom loved to tell the story about the feedsack dresses their mothers made for them.

cousins 1937

Reading Over Last Year’s Condolences

When I returned home last January after Mom’s death and the Celebration of Life, I found condolence cards sent by my friends. Here are some of the messages:

You have honored your mom’s life with your writing and may you cherish fond memories forever.” from Becca

You carry within you, Ginger, a beautiful bouquet to forever remind you of the wonderful woman she was. Your warm remembrances of her, as well as the gifts you gave her by putting them all into books, are yours forever. Our hearts go out to you.” from Jackie and Ed

“You’re so lucky to have had your mom for so long. Now you have the memories and the books.”  from Kerry

“It is so hard to lose a mother! Our thoughts and prayers are with you.” from Helen and Don

“…may my prayers lift you up to him who sees and touches the mother-less places with his love.”  from Chris

Hallmark and other card makers had some lovely sentiments too:

  • What the heart has once owned… it shall never lose. H.W. Beecher
  • Take comfort and strength from your lasting memories of her
  • May you find comfort in the many loving memories you’ll carry in your heart forever
  • May your mother’s memory be cherished for all she gave.
  • May your heart be comforted by all you shared


Watching the Rose Parade on New Year’s Day

Last year on this day, Mom was in the rehab center. They were trying to get her to do some therapy, but she told them she needed to stay in her room to see the Rose Parade. She could be pretty stubborn, so therapy was postponed.

It surprised me that the parade was so important to her that she would put off her treatment. Then I found out that she wanted to see the float for the organ donors. One of the roses on that float was in memory of Dad being an organ donor. I believe it was his eyes, which rather amazes me, since at 87 he wasn’t very happy with his eyesight.

Anyway, just one year ago, Mom was watching the Rose Parade on television in her room at rehab.

Swan Float , Dominant Images Posters
Swan Float , Dominant Images Posters by foxykatrocks

As it turned out, there was a second reason she was resisting therapy. She had a painful blood clot in her leg.