Remembering Bicycles

You’ll enjoy this brief memory piece by Mom. The McGhees lived in Phillips Petroleum camps during her childhood.

“Living in the Greenwood County Flint Hills as a girl, I always envied the boys and their bikes.

They even would let me try to ride. I think they wanted to laugh at me when I’d fall. Well, I fooled them. When they weren’t watching, I had been practicing.

My folks gave me a boys bike for Christmas when I was in the eighth grade in 1937. Loved those oiled country roads.”

Kids at the old camp in Greenwood County, KS

Kids at the oil camp in Greenwood County, KS


One thought on “Remembering Bicycles

  1. I read all these little blurbs about your mother and they make me smile. I don’t always comment but wanted to let you know I enjoyed bicycles and the nickname one. My name is Anneliese and somehow it got mutated into greasy. Not very flattering but family is not always flattering either.


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