Remembering Bicycles

You’ll enjoy this brief memory piece by Mom. The McGhees lived in Phillips Petroleum camps during her childhood.

“Living in the Greenwood County Flint Hills as a girl, I always envied the boys and their bikes.

They even would let me try to ride. I think they wanted to laugh at me when I’d fall. Well, I fooled them. When they weren’t watching, I had been practicing.

My folks gave me a boys bike for Christmas when I was in the eighth grade in 1937. Loved those oiled country roads.”

Kids at the old camp in Greenwood County, KS

Kids at the oil camp in Greenwood County, KS


2 thoughts on “Remembering Bicycles

  1. I read all these little blurbs about your mother and they make me smile. I don’t always comment but wanted to let you know I enjoyed bicycles and the nickname one. My name is Anneliese and somehow it got mutated into greasy. Not very flattering but family is not always flattering either.


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