Big Rocks

Mom greatly admired big rocks and many times we would stop by the roadside to examine the layers of rock exposed by the roadwork. It’s too bad she never came to New Hampshire to visit us. There are plenty of granite outcroppings that would have captured her fancy.

I found a short memory piece that she wrote that probably explains her fascination.

“At the Nolar Camp, I loved to go across the pasture and up a hill that was covered with enormous rocks with aisles between them. I’m sure snakes like that place too but I never saw any.

Since I was a way off from the camp and the other people, I would sing and yodel to my heart’s content. I would make up stories while up there.”

Here’s some background information on her topic. Nolar Camp was Phillips Petroleum housing for their workers. It was in the Teterville area of the Flint Hills. You can read more about it in Our Oil Home in the Flint Hills.

The yodeling was a childhood ambition triggered by watching Roy Rogers movies. She wrote about that in Saturday at the Movies.

This photo is from Enchanted Rocks near Fredricksburg, Texas. I wasn’t along on that trip, but I imagine it brought back memories of her childhood getaway.

Gail Martin at Enchanted Rock

Gail Martin at Enchanted Rock


6 thoughts on “Big Rocks

  1. I love how you have a blog dedicated to memories of your mom, found you from the Challenge and look forward to reading more! I too love big rocks, as my kids can attest to after all the moving of rocks I made them do.


  2. After reading just these two posts, I am intrigued. I too have a blog dedicated to my mom, however I don’t update it very often. It’s mostly just things that occur to me that I’d like to say to her, and since I don’t often have anything I want to say to her anymore, I haven’t posted in at least a year. But maybe I will, as my family and I have some major life events coming up.

    I started following you, and look forward to more and browsing your blog when I’m not minutes from going to bed 🙂


      • That’s great! My mom passed only 3 years ago, so both of my kids have some memories of her – only my son’s won’t be nearly as strong as my daughter’s. It was hard for my daughter when my mom passed, because not only was she my mom’s/parents first grandchild, but she also shares a birthday with my mom. Since this year she will be 18, I’m thinking I will definitely post then.

        Unfortunately, my nephew was only 1, and my niece not to come for 2 more years when my mom passed. My sister just missed having her on my dad’s birthday (it would have been kinda nice to have both parents have that special connection, but dad didn’t even go to the hospital, so…:-\ and the little girl didn’t want to come that day. I should mention, my son is born on my father in law’s birthday, so I guess it’s only something special that happens to us)….and neither of them will have any memories of my mom, other than living near the cemetery for a time. :-\


  3. I love the fact that you have some of your mom’s writings. I savor every scrap of paper I find that has my mom’s handwriting on it.

    I love your theme and look forward to seeing more. Good luck with A to Z!


  4. I love your opening line, “Mom greatly admired big rocks…” because the language is evocative of that used by storytellers. I am drinking a cup of hot tea as I read this post. Somehow that seems an appropriate thing to be doing. Your mother sounds like a lovely person. You honour her memory well. 🙂


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