C is for Clyde

Day 3 of the A to Z Blog Challenge, so at my sister’s suggestion it is about Dad. This is the anniversary of my father’s death.

Mom lived over a year after losing her lifelong mate. Married 66 years meant their lives were strongly entwined. Being without her spouse seemed to shift her whole perspective on living. For the last few years of Dad’s life, they were mostly homebound by his difficulties in walking. Mom didn’t want to leave him home alone, so she skipped the large family gatherings at Christmas and other occasions.

After losing Clyde, she resumed excursions with her daughters to eat out or go to a local baseball game. Family faithfully visited, brought food to tempt her appetite and checked on her needs. Still she pined for Clyde.

She mentioned that she sometimes talked with Dad, telling him about her day or sharing tidbits of information about family or the neighbors. Her enjoyment of baseball games on television or her favorite crime shows diminished. “It’s not the same, watching them by myself,” she said. Some days she didn’t want to get out of bed.

Hospitalized for a broken hip, brought an end to that time of drifting. Life became a day-to-day struggle. I think then she started planning to be with C.O. again. C.O. was her personal nickname for Clyde.

I was by her side when she had the third heart attack. “Clyde didn’t tell me it would be so hard to go,” she gasped as the gripping pain brought tears to her eyes. Dad had a grueling time at the hospital too.

I try to find consolation in the loss of these two important people in my life by thinking they are together again.

Gail and Clyde Martin

Gail and Clyde Martin

7 thoughts on “C is for Clyde

  1. Sometimes I think people just will themselves to death, especially when the love for a mate was so strong. It’s sad though that her favorite tv shows lost their appeal, which makes me aware that there are some shows my husband and I enjoy watching together.
    I have a genealogy blog too.
    Visiting from A to Z ~


  2. So moving. Thanks for sharing the story of your parents. I know that my parents are inseparable and will miss the other when the time approaches. Enjoyed reading your posts. Stopping by to visit from the A to Z Challenge.


  3. Virginia, this is so touching. I know of elderly couples who passed on within days of each other, and one on the days of the death anniversary of his wife. When that happens, and you have that feeling and thought of hoping that they’re together now, you know they are. 😀


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