F is for Family Historian

Most families have someone who’s interested in genealogy. My mother carried it beyond the names and dates that are usually collected. She became the family historian.

Collector of family stories, keeper of the memorabilia, family archivist. Those are better descriptors of my mother than genealogist. When some of her aunts and uncles died, their photos and family pieces passed to her. She cared for her aunt’s photo album from Bertha’s time teaching Indian children in the 1920s. She treasured Bertha’s grandfather‘s diary from the Civil War era. She preserved her uncle Albert’s WWI helmet and his pocket diary.

Some had no children for these things to pass to or her cousins did not want the responsibility. She gathered and preserved the family history from that generation and then from her own early days of the 1930s and 1940s.

Mom liked to write, so she meticulously researched and merged the family stories into articles to share with the world. At first these found an audience in the magazine Kanhistique. Later I helped by collecting them into self-published books.

Here are a few of Gail Lee Martin's articles that were the cover story.

Here are a few of Gail Lee Martin’s articles that were the cover story.

7 thoughts on “F is for Family Historian

  1. Gail’s collection of stories has been entertaining reading for a long time. I am glad you have this blog because not only are you telling her story, you are adding snippets of history that might otherwise be lost. I think family history is very important.


  2. When I saw the words “Family Historian” I knew I had to follow your blog. In my family, that would be my role. I’m the one who likes to “collect” these things. One of my future projects is to put up a blog for our family histories. I’ve started with our family tree and a trip I’m taking this weekend is to (secretly) gather more information about family in our ancestral hometown.
    I’m looking forward to your posts.
    Warmly stopping by from the A to Z Challenge,


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