H is for Hamilton

After 3 years of Madison High School, Mom switched to Hamilton for her senior year. I think it was rather a lonely year for her. At Madison, she’d been dating Johnny Faylor. They double-dated with his friend, Clyde Martin.

It was with Johnny that she went to the prom, but later after high school, it was Clyde that she married. That marriage lasted 66 years.

Gail Lee McGhee in the prom dress that her mother made for her.

Gail Lee McGhee in the prom dress that her mother made for her.

She said she was lucky to graduate.

I asked my aunt, CJ, about the reason Mom went to Hamilton. She said, “We moved to Seeley Lease, where I began 2nd grade at the 2-room country school. Hamilton must have been the closest high school from that area.

When I asked for her insight into Mom’s activities at that time, she shared this, “Seems like it was at the Seeley Lease house where both Clyde and Johnny showed up the same evening. I was in awe of my big sister!

Gail took me about to stuff, to town for ice cream, and I remember one visit to a bookstore where I got to pick out a book. She also would go on walks with me to the little creek down the road, where we’d pick flowers, throw rocks in the water, and look for turtles.

1942 Hamilton KS high school graduates

Gail Lee McGhee is in the center, just under the words Hamilton Seniors.


We had no close neighbors, so no one to play with on a daily basis. Daddy would arrange with one of his co-workers to bring his little girl over to play with me now and then. I grew up rather solitary during that 4 or 5 years on the prairie! When we moved to the farm, in 6th grade, 2 school chums lived about half a mile away, so we played together a lot.

1938 kansas girls with pets

Here’s Carol with her older sisters, Melba and Gail.


2 thoughts on “H is for Hamilton

  1. It was good to hear Gail’s little sister Carol talk about what she remembers: the trips to town for ice cream, a special trip to a bookstore (Emporia, probably?), and especially those walks down to the creek. Special memories!


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