K is for Kansas Author’s Club

A high spot in Mom’s year was attending the Kansas Author’s Club convention each fall. She came away inspired by the workshops and from interacting with all the friends she made in 20 some years with the organization.

To give back to KAC, she served for a long time as their official archivist. Not content to just store the organizations files, she rummaged through the vintage records and created themed displays for the annual convention. She started the Rosemary Hour, a ceremony to honor the members who had died in the past year.

Gail Martin with one of her displays at the Kansas Author's Club.

Gail Martin with one of her displays at the Kansas Author’s Club.

Each year she entered her own essays and poems in the KAC contests. She waited anxiously for the announcement at the convention of the winners in each category. Sometimes she won an award. Sometimes not, but even if all she had to show for it was the judge’s red pen marks and comments, it was worth her while.

She took those recommendations to heart and revised her stories and memory pieces. Eventually those became her published articles bought by Kanhistique and compiled in her memoir.

At the time of her death, KAC set up a memorial fund and friends and family donated hundreds of dollars to honor her. This fund now subsidizes a speaker for each convention. Their topic? Writing family memories.


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