L is for Lockets

On the anniversary of Dad’s death, I gave my mom a locket with his photo on it. She loved it.

After breaking her hip, Mom was in the hospital and then rehab and then the hospital again. My sisters and I tried to keep our spirits up but every time we became hopeful, there was another setback. I used Zazzle for having the pendants made.

I ordered lockets for myself and my sisters with Mom’s photo in it. They came in time for Christmas which was a subdued family gathering with the matriarch still in the rehab center.

Lockets sound a bit old-fashioned, but they are a way to hold that special person close to your heart. Mom’s mother had a rectangular locket that she wore while her husband was in France during World War I. You can see a photo of it and the picture it contained on this page: Ruth Vining McGhee.

4 thoughts on “L is for Lockets

  1. This is a lovely piece. Of course–lockets “are a way to hold that special person close to your heart.” Somehow it had never actually occurred to me, though it’s so obvious. I love the fact that you gave your mother a locket with your father’s photo in it to follow the one she’d worn earlier, and that you and your sister then wore one of her.


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