Q is for Quilts

Gail made a number of quilts as a young homemaker. I can’t think how she found the time for it with six children to manage. Perhaps while we were at school, she spent her time at the sewing machine. My sister’s bed and mine had matching light yellow quilts with butterfly appliques stitched on them.

The quilt shown below contains blocks made by Mom’s mother, Ruth Vining McGhee, and some aunts. Other women in the church made blocks for this autograph quilt as well.

Gail shows explains the names on the autograph quilt.

Gail shows explains the names on the autograph quilt.

With quilters on both sides of my family, I thought I should be a quilter too. It turned out that I lacked the patience required for a good needlewoman. I do love the vintage quilts and ended up collecting some instead of making them. It’s a small collection since quilts take quite a bit of room to store or display. I don’t use my vintage quilts on the beds.

8 thoughts on “Q is for Quilts

  1. The quilt in the photo is beautiful and has it’s own story to tell, Wish it could talk. I have made some and have another I found at a thrift store. Some are display and some we use.

    I’m repairing a vintage quilt that a friend brings to our baseball games. I was appalled because it’s 100-yrs-old and a family heirloom. When I asked her why she would bring it where it’s dirty and sometimes damp, she told me it was meant to be used. Regardless of the age, she treasures it because it’s the warmest blanket she has. It’s a testament to the person who created it because it has stood the test of time and is still doing what it was meant to do.


  2. I always thought that the signatures of people who are no longer with us were fascinating. Don’t ask me why, I couldn’t tell you. It’s like connecting with the people that signed it. It looks like the names on it are actually handwritten there; how do you clean something like that?


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