S is for Snake

My mother survived a bite by a rattlesnake when she was young. It was a story that we made her tell us over and over. We never tired of hearing how her father and the dog would scare up a rabbit so it would run into a culvert.

Her role was to hold a gunny sack over the opening at the opposite end. Her father would tap a stick on his end of the pipe which frightened the rabbit into running into the sack.

This worked well and they would have rabbit for dinner, but one time there was a snake that bit her on the cheek. You can read the episode in her memoir online.

2 thoughts on “S is for Snake

  1. I loved your mom’s story. All good stories really come from family tales passed down through the years. I write westerns so Growing Up in Kansas in the 30s – that’s a wonderful subject. Hope to read more. Good luck with the A-Z!


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