W is for Wagon Wheel Rugs

In retirement, Mom and Dad had time to spend on craft projects. Mom went through the macrame craze earlier and before that she made balsa wood and colored twine birdcages artfully filled with silk flowers.

The two of them tried a lot of yarn crafts and scrap crafting. With the yarn, they made Santa faces with yarn beards, yarn pom-pom candy canes, and pom-pom cats.

Together they mastered a craft that almost died out, wagon wheel rugs. This involves tying strips of old sheets on an iron wagon wheel. Then you weave more strips through the tied ones. It required a lot of care to get the resulting round rug to turn out flat. The size of the wagon wheel limited the size of your rug.

Here's Gail Martin demonstrating the craft at a pioneer days.

Here’s Gail Martin demonstrating the craft at a pioneer days.

6 thoughts on “W is for Wagon Wheel Rugs

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