Y is for Yesteryear

Times past held special meaning for my mama. It wasn’t just her childhood years that she treasured and saved by writing them down. She also collected memories of the previous generation by writing down the stories told to her by her aunts and uncles.

Collected into her memoir, the stories bring the past alive for the next generation. You can read excerpts like From Melbourne, Arkansas to Tyro, Kansas.

Not content with that, she searched further back for the pioneers in the family tree and turned their lives into words on paper for others to read. Blackjack along the Santa Fe Trail shows what she accomplished with the genealogy information she uncovered.

She passed along to her daughters this love of history, her appreciation for family and an interest in writing. Hopefully we can collect and preserve many more family stories that she didn’t get time to write.

Photo taken by Virginia Allain

Photo taken by Virginia Allain

One thought on “Y is for Yesteryear

  1. My mother left me some written memories. I wish she had had more time to do more and that I’d asked my grandmother’s for their memories. Guess I’m just never satisfied.


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