Love and Hate

I discovered a little questionnaire that Mom filled out some time ago. Do you love or hate the following things, it asked. Here’s her answers:

  • Getting up in the morning   HATE
  • Talking to strangers     LOVE
  • Going to the dentist   HATE
  • Buying a new car   HATE
  • Working with flowers   LOVE
  • Watching television   HATE
  • Cooking special dishes   LOVE
  • Taking a cold bath   HATE
  • Cleaning house   HATE
  • Moving to a new home   LOVE

Yes, Mom did like a leisurely morning and once she no longer had to get Dad off to work or 6 kids off to school, she indulged in late mornings in bed. She might read a bit and then get up.

Some of the things she disliked are hard for anyone to like. Who wants a cold bath or a visit to the dentist or dealing with a car salesman? She did prefer a good soak in a warm tub rather than a brisk shower. For the car, they kept their last car forever. It was vintage when they got it and they kept it running for many years. They gave up driving and finally sold it several years later. It still ran.

It’s interesting that she said she hated watching television. Once Dad wasn’t getting out much, they watched a lot of television together. Sometimes they’d watch 2 baseball games in a day, then she would catch CSI or a rerun of Walker – Texas Ranger. She had some other favorites that she watched faithfully.

Before she had the botched cataract surgery she spent more time reading. Perhaps when reading became difficult, she turned to television.

The folks had wonderful flower beds around every house they ever lived in. Mom particularly loved iris, clematis and roses.

The rambling roses near the front of the folks' house.

The rambling roses near the front of the folks’ house.

Not liking to clean the house is no surprise. She did like to move the furniture around in the various places we lived. The room being reorganized got a good cleaning at the same time. She didn’t like the noise of the vacuum cleaner or the tedium of scrubbing and tidying.

She used to joke about “once I run out of ways to try out the furniture, we had to move to another house.” I don’t know if this comes from moving a lot as a child or from being a frustrated interior decorator.

Here's their faithful old car that lasted for years.

Here’s their faithful old car that lasted for years.


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