Why A to Z??

In April, I joined the A to Z blogging challenge and it kept me motivated and posting for the whole month. If you missed it, just scan down the page for the older posts.

I wasn’t sure if the alphabet format would be restrictive as I juggled around my topics to fit it. It turned out that it prodded me into covering topics that I might not have thought of on my own. I’m glad I jumped in.

There were new visitors to the blog and some kindly wrote comments. That’s very encouraging, as one starts to wonder if you are blogging just for yourself. Some even went as far as signing up to follow the blog.

In the long run, I’m not sure if my ramblings about my mother and about my loss will keep those new followers on board. We’ll see. I did get messages from a sister and a cousin telling me they appreciated the daily postings. I’m trying to keep up the pace even though the challenge is over.

survivor-atoz [2014]

3 thoughts on “Why A to Z??

  1. I loved these posts. I never knew your Mom in life, but she came alive in these posts. It’s a great discipline.


  2. I enjoyed your posts and learning about your mother. I will continue to visit. I found the same thing you did in doing the challenge – I looked deeper at things than I might have usually, because I needed to find that letter 🙂


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