5 Blogs That Mom Would Love

Growing up in the Kansas Flint Hills gave Mom an appreciation for the rolling prairie vistas and for the big Kansas sky filled with puffy white thunderheads. She became poetic when talking about the sight of a prairie fire with flames outlining the hillside against the backdrop of the dark sky.

    • This photographer has the vision to capture such scenes with his camera. He showcases his Flint Hills photos on this site: Brad Neff Images at the Center for Great Plains Study. Each of his pictures would inspire Mom. He has a Facebook page that I follow too, as it lifts my spirits each day to see his latest photo.
    • James Nedresky is another photographer that will make you ooh and aah over the spare beauty of the Kansas hill region. Check him out. Due to copyright, I can’t show you their pictures here, so I’ll featured this picture by another photographer to whet your appetite.

Flint Hills note card
Flint Hills note card by Kcstore

  • Mom had many friends among the members of the Kansas Author’s Club. Here’s a blog by one she admired, Nancy Kopp, Writer Granny’s World. Nancy wrote for Our Echo as well, a site that Mom was the webmaster for many years.
  • Mom spent hours each day reading the posts on the Our Echo web site. She commented on every one, encouraging the writers of family stories, poems and short fiction. The writers there really miss her. Now my sister, Karen Kolavalli, does some of the maintenance on the site, but hasn’t the time to read and comment on every post the way Mom did. You can read some of Mom’s stories and see her bio on the site.
  • She loved to follow the blogs created by her own children. Here’s her daughter Cindy’s nature blog about her life on Moss Creek.



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