Who Would Mom Choose?

In the blog challenge, they asked “If you could have 3 people to dinner tonight, who would you invite?” This is a good mental exercise.

Would Mom invite a favorite baseball player? They followed several teams on TV, so I’m not even sure if there was one player that really stood out for them.

Maybe she would ask an author like Mary Higgins Clark. When she read her first book by this popular author, I remember hearing a blow-by-blow account of the action. There were plenty of vintage authors that she loved to read and re-read. One was Margaret Hill McCarter, but she also liked Harold Bell Wright, Zane Grey and others. Would she want to sit down to dinner with one of these and ask questions about their writing?

I’m guessing she would like to meet one of her ancestors, like her great-grandfather who served in the Civil War. He survived six months in Andersonville and lived into his nineties. She wrote an article about him for the Kanshistique magazine. We were collaborating on a book about his life. How marvelous it would be to have all our mysteries solved by asking him about his experiences.

Another person that she would surely want at her dinner is her father, Clarence McGhee. She remembers being a “daddy’s girl,” tagging along with her beloved dad. Maybe they are all together in heaven having a good chat.

One final person for this special dinner would be Amelia Earhart. Mom greatly admired her and I’ll write another post about Mom wanting to learn to fly.

I’d volunteer as the chef for this special dinner, just so I could overhear what they discuss. Should be fascinating.

Amelia Earhart Post Card
Amelia Earhart Post Card by ZipDrum

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