Canning Season Is Coming

Memory from Gail’s daughter, Ginger. 

During the hot months of summer, all of us worked planting the garden then watering, weeding and picking so there would be food for the winter months. We helped with snapping the beans, stripping the husk off corn and cutting off bad spots. These tedious tasks required lots of hands-on labor.

Then Mom spent long hours in the sweltering kitchen as she canned the vegetables from our garden. Canning the foods required more expertise, so she masterminded that. That pressure cooker frightened me, but she also used a water bath for some foods. After hours of work, she filled the table with rows of jars cooling off before going on the shelves. She tested the tops in case any did not seal properly.

The healthy vegetables served with our home-cooked meals represented hours of labor by the family. The rows of jars filled with green, red and yellow meant we would eat well for months to come.

Mom made pickles and sauerkraut too.

Mom made pickles and sauerkraut too.

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