My Mom – The NARC

Mom always took an interest in her neighbors, and the local police force should have hired her as an undercover narcotics agent. She spotted unusual activity in the house next door and carefully documented the comings and goings of the residents and visitors there.

They had people drop by at odd hours who often did not go inside the house. From Mom’s observation point, she noted that it seemed like a transaction of some sort. Money changed hands and the visitors departed carrying something small. She told us that they must be dealing drugs.

“Call the police,” we told her. “I can’t,” she said, “they will know it was me that called.”

Her suspicions increased when she viewed an odd happening one trash day. The neighbors put out their trash in the regulation black bag issued by the city. Soon after, an unmarked car pulled to the curb and a man grabbed the bag. He replaced it with a look-alike bag and then drove away. What the heck??

Some days later, she observed the raid by the local police. Multiple squad cars pulled up and police with drawn guns surrounded the small house. They hauled away the residents. Apparently, the trash grab had been a method of collecting evidence without the need for a search warrant.

We all felt relieved that the drug dealers were gone from the neighborhood. Mom may have felt let down that she no longer had her own CSI case to observe.

Gail and Clyde's kitchen window - perfect for observing the neighbors.

Gail and Clyde’s kitchen window – perfect for observing the neighbors.



One thought on “My Mom – The NARC

  1. We had a drug related murder next door in May. We also had friends call but it was too late to stop the shooting. Good for Gail to take notice and do her town a favor. Glad they were safe. Most people would not take an interest or look the other way. We all need to be more like her.


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