Another Street Photo

Carol Garriott – Dec 28, 1999 “It seems like I ought to know, having seen this photo before — but, who took the picture? Boyfriend? Roving reporter, spotting a beautiful girl?”

Karen Kolavalli – Dec 28, 1999 “I’m sure Mom can tell you in a more interesting way than I can since it’s her story, but I believe it was a street photographer. There’s another one of Mom and a girlfriend of hers, too, taken by a street photographer. Both are postcards. Oh, now that I think of it, the second one is actually a postcard addressed to you, February 19, 1945, Wichita, Kansas. I’ll get it scanned and uploaded soon.”

Gail Martin – Dec 29, 1999 “Well, of course, I loved this coat too! It was a chocolate-brown & cream colored plaid. Mother never said anything about my choice of clothing I bought while working at Boeing. I lived in a home with a divorced lady and her two sons. 1000 S. Patty.

Gail Lee McGhee - photo taken in Wichita KS by a street photographer in the 1940s.

Gail Lee McGhee – photo taken in Wichita KS by a street photographer in the 1940s.

2 thoughts on “Another Street Photo

  1. This photo matches the photo I have of my Mom and a friend. They were walking along the exact same place and were photographed. I am wondering if this might have been the same time as the above photo. Please contact me as I would love to share my Mom,s photo.


  2. The building to Gail’s left is the Fourth National Bank of Wichita. To Gail’s right ( across the street) was the FW Woolworths. I am still trying to determine the business that appears behind Gail ( and my Mom’s picture) so if anyone has any ideas, let me know..Here is a link to my facebook page to see the picture…


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