Crafty Sisters

Mom’s older sister Melba created crafts galore with her husband, Norman Harlan. They sold wooden clown figures and stylish reindeer and other hand-crafted wooden pieces.

Mom and Dad made wagon wheel rugs from rags and soft crafts like kittens made of yarn pompoms. The yarn pompoms turned into beautiful Christmas wreaths and huge yarn candy canes for hanging on your front door. They didn’t have a booth at this craft fair.

Karen took these two photos in 1992 when Gail visited with her sister at the Eureka craft fair held in a big building on the fairgrounds. The Harlans had a booth with their wooden crafts.

Gail with her sister Melba Harlan

Gail with her sister Melba Harlan

Sisters share a moment at the Eureka craft fair.

Sisters share a moment at the Eureka craft fair.

Mom said of this photo, “Is that me?” She looks a bit like Bea Arthur from the Golden Girls here.

9 thoughts on “Crafty Sisters

  1. You morphed two different events into one! These photos WERE taken in 1992, but I believe Norman and Melba had a booth at a county fair and Mom, Dad, Chhaya and I went to see them there. It was during another visit stateside that Chhaya and I went with Mom and Dad to the Greenwood County Museum where they did the rug demonstration. Mom was in costume for that one. I have photos somewhere!


    • Here’s what Mom said about the photo on the My Family site: Gail Martin – Jul 14, 2011 – Are you sure that’s me? Yes it was at the craft fair in Eureka and I was doing wagonwheel rug display.


  2. I went back and double-checked on the photos. I took the ones in 1992 and also the ones in 1996 (I sent you an email with one of the photos). Both sets were taken on our visits home from India, so I think that’s why Mom got confused.


    • But you’re right about it being a craft fair in 1992, not a county fair. I believe it was held in a big building on the fairgrounds in Eureka. The 1996 event at the Greenwood County Historical Museum was part of Eureka Days.


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  4. 🙂 I know I’m being a pain, but Mom and Dad didn’t display or demonstrate their rugs at Eureka Days in 1992! We just drove over there because Melba and Norman had a craft booth at it.


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