Missing Shannon

Eight years ago on this date, Gail and Clyde Martin lost their youngest daughter, Shannon. It was sudden, so no one had time to prepare. Almost overnight the family dynamics changed. At 82, Mom and Dad felt bewildered, grief-stricken, and shaken to the core.

Before that, they felt comforted that in their senior years, there were six children providing a safety net for them. Abruptly, they realized that life didn’t always go as planned. They couldn’t count on enjoying the company of their children and seeing their lives unfold over the years.

Shannon was the baby of the family and the first of the Martin children to die. Dad expressed it this way, “Doggone it, kids aren’t supposed to die before their parents.”

Shannon Martin Hyle created this card using Stampin' Up designs and techniques.

Shannon Martin Hyle created this card using Stampin’ Up designs and techniques.

You would think that by now the siblings might have adjusted to the loss of their youngest sister. I look at Shannon’s card with its message of peace. Just seeing that today is like a message from her. She would want us to find peace and acceptance of her passing.

I need to fix in my mind a vision of Shannon, Mom and Dad having a big group hug somewhere in that existential place that human souls go. Dad wasn’t much on religion and church-going, but I’m sure wherever Shannon and Mom are, he’s right there with them. Some call it Heaven, so wherever Heaven is to you, send your best wishes to the three of them.


2 thoughts on “Missing Shannon

  1. Wow, just as I was starting to write my comment, Jim Croce’s Time in a Bottle started playing on my Pandora station. That was played at Shannon’s funeral and was from an album I gave her when she was in high school.

    I was on the highway driving to the ER in Wichita when I got the word that I was too late and Shannon was gone. I had to go back to break the news to Mom and Dad. Mom’s words were “I don’t think I can do this.”

    It doesn’t seem to get easier, does it?


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