Gail’s Advice on Giving Gifts on a Social Security Income

Proud grandparents

With six children, eight grandchildren, and many great-grandchildren, the Christmas and birthday gift giving can strain the budget. Seniors living only on Social Security must apply creativity in their gift giving to keep it affordable.

Check in your closets – Think about things you have stashed away unused. We no longer decorate a tree at Christmas, but still have boxes and boxes of special ornaments. I can give one to each person on my gift list. I’ll gain some storage space and they’ll gain a family heirloom for their Christmas tree.

Put memories on paper

Put memories on paper – Give a gift of your memories. Write down a special memory of the day they were born or about something you did with them or their parent and print it out or hand write it on nice paper to give them. Slip it in a plastic sleeve to preserve it.

Look at your collections – We collected Norman Rockwell mugs for many years. If we give one to each family member, they will think of us each time they use it.

Make a tasty gift – Make up a batch of your popular candy or cookie recipe and package it up to give to the children and grandchildren. Just a small amount on a paper plate (dessert size) and covered with plastic wrap lets them know you were thinking of them. Attach the recipe to the gift.

A vintage book for a gift

A vintage book for a gift – Look on your bookshelf. Is there a book there that has special meaning to you. Write a note explaining what is special about the book and give it to someone on your list.

(Gail Martin’s article originally appeared online on the eHow website)

Here’s a sample of some comments on the original article:

12/6/2008 A bonus is you don’t have to face the crowds at the mall. Ginger Allain

12/17/2008 This is absolutely one of the best Christmas gift-giving articles on eHow. I LOVE your steps 1 and 5, especially. Even those people not on a Social Security income will benefit from your tips. Thanks so much and Merry Christmas to you and yours! Veryirie

1/16/2011 These are great ideas and you are right. Many of us have unused items that the kids remember and sharing them makes them great gifts. My Christmas shopping is done for next year! Anneliese Hinds



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