M is for Macrame Mania

Back in the 1970s, macrame was all the rage. Mom loved crafts and this one was a challenge that she couldn’t resist.

You can see a fairly simple macrame tutorial in this YouTube video Easy Macrame Plant Hanger. Keep in mind, that this is the easy one. Now, I didn’t inherit all my mother’s craft genes and lack the patience that she had, so this project doesn’t look very easy to me.

The plant hangers that Mom made were quite a bit more elaborate. Amazingly, one of her creations is still in use 40 years later. My friend, Janet, has it hanging in her house with a healthy plant cradled in it.


The plant is hanging in a window so it gets good light. The macrame plant hanger was made by Gail Lee Martin back in the mid-1970s.

The plant is hanging in a window so it gets good light. Gail Lee Martin created this macrame plant hanger back in the mid-1970s.

I can’t imagine how many hours it took to make such a long hanger with such a variety of knots.


7 thoughts on “M is for Macrame Mania

  1. I still had a couple that Mom made, but I gave them away before my last move. I wasn’t using them any more, so I set them free. (As you know, that’s very hard for me to do!)


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