T is for Things

“Things” is too generic a title to grab readers, but I didn’t want to put a long rambling title. Here’s what I’m really writing about today: “Things I Wish I Hadn’t Inherited from My Mother.”

Let’s start with some physical things that I could do without. This Scots-Irish skin hasn’t worked well for me. I grew up in Kansas where the sun scorches the earth all summer and we played outside all day without sunscreen. For the last 25 years, I’ve lived in hot, desert or tropical climates like Australia, South Texas and Florida. I have the wrong skin type for this. Instead of tanning, I freckle. I’ll be a very lucky person if I don’t get skin cancer some day.

ginger avatar

Virginia Allain


Then there are the hammer toes. I guess grandma had these, then Mom had an extreme case of twisted toes and I’ve inherited them too. No, we didn’t wear pointed, narrow high heels. Grandma and Mom were farm women and wore practical shoes. With the feet I have, when clogs came along, I quickly adopted them. Mostly I prefer going barefoot.

I have Mom and Grandma to thank for the excess skin on my upper arms. Maybe some weight lifting would help tone those and give me a buff look. Unfortunately, I also inherited Mom and Grandma’s love of writing and reading. I’d rather be typing away at my computer than sweating at the gym.

My hoarding tendencies I trace directly back to Mom. It sounds better if you call them collections, but there’s no question that my sisters and I like to collect stuff. My hoardings include miniature baskets, Hall China pitchers, Tindeco tins from the early 1900s, antique quilts, vintage Ginger tins, antique valentines and of course, lots of books. The current emphasis on minimalism gives me a guilt complex for accumulating so much. I’ve had a lot of enjoyment from creating these collections though and displaying them gives me pleasure.

My collection of vintage ginger spice tins. My nickname is Ginger and that inspired this.

My collection of vintage ginger spice tins. My nickname is Ginger and that inspired this.




3 thoughts on “T is for Things

  1. Well Virginia I bet you don’t have so much stuff that there’s only a path through it from room to room, so you’re ok! 🙂


  2. I’m surprised you got away with all that collecting, what with moving around so much! I wish I’d inherited all of my mum – she was the kindest, sweetest person and extremely beautiful. I look like my dad. One thing I wouldn’t want – her impracticality! She couldn’t work out how things worked, or make anything, except from wool, she was a great knitter. And she couldn’t write. Got that from my grandad, her dad! ~Liz http://www.lizbrownleepoet.com


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