The Passing of a Generation

(Written in January 2014) – They came of age during World War II with their formative years being during the Great Depression. Now they are in their 80s, and not just their early 80s, but in their late 80s, and some even into their 90s. The ranks are thinning.

Over the last two years, I lost my parents at age 87 and 88. I knew we couldn’t keep them forever, but kept hoping for just a few more years. My dad outlived 6 of his 7 siblings. Mom had a younger sister who is still going strong.

It’s sad to see a whole generation pass from our midst. In the last few days I heard about three of mom’s cousins being hospitalized or going into hospice. They are siblings and my heart aches for their children, my second cousins.

My sister’s mother-in-law just had a stroke yesterday. The father-in-law is already in the VA hospital for long-term care. Then I heard that another sister’s father-in-law has been in and out of the hospital a few times lately.

They are the parents of the baby boomers, the grandparents and great-grandparents of the generations after that. There is a lot of collective wisdom disappearing, a lot of family memories that are being wiped out.

They will be missed.

Gail Lee McGhee is right under the words Hamilton Seniors.

Gail Lee McGhee is right under the words Hamilton Seniors.

One thought on “The Passing of a Generation

  1. Two of my father’s sisters are the only ones still with us from that generation. They are both in their 90s and frail. It is sad to lose those who we grew up with and were part of our lives for so long, who take memories with that are lost forever.


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