Make a Halloween Pumpkin Decoration

Back in 2008, my mother sent me this craft project in an email. I posted it to the eHow website for her. People loved it.

Here's Gail Lee Martin's fall pumpkin made from a dryer hose sprayed orange.

Here’s Gail Lee Martin’s fall pumpkin made from a dryer hose sprayed orange.

Things you need:

  • An 8 inch across by 23 inch long piece of clothes-dryer vent hose
  • A can of orange spray paint or a small can of orange paint and a paint brush
  • A thick stick from your yard (about an inch across and 8 inches long)
  • Colorful fall leaves either real or fake
  • Hot glue gun
  • Imagination

Take the hose outside where you can spray paint it without getting paint on
other things, I use a clear plastic bag. After the hose has dried, check if you
need a second coat of paint.

Curl the painted plastic hose into a circle and hot glue the ends together.

Thrust the stubby stick down through the center of the curled hose. Leave
about an inch sticking out of the top to look like the pumpkin stem. Hot
glue the stick at the top and the bottom for stability.

Hot glue the colorful fall leaves around the stem.

This make a vibrant centerpiece for a luncheon or an attractive window

If you need a source for dryer vent hose, you can get it for a reasonable price on Amazon (5 ft Vent Duct Hose) or check some local stores.


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