Mom’s Swiss Steak Recipe

Here's Karen cooking Swiss steak for Mom.

Here’s Karen cooking swiss steak for Mom.

We had our home-grown beef in the freezer when we lived in the country. Mom worked her magic on some of the lesser cuts of meat like round steak that tends to be tough. She used her Saladmaster electric skillet to cook Swiss steak. You can use a regular, large frying pan too.

The slow cooking tenderizes the round steak and creates its own gravy. I remember that tasting so good with mashed potatoes. Usually, we’d have home-canned green beans on the side.

I’ve put the recipe on a postcard, in case you’d like to mail it to your friends.

Swiss Steak Recipe Postcard
Swiss Steak Recipe Postcard by vallain
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The green peppers and the mushrooms are more recent additions to the recipe by my sister Karen. Those weren’t ingredients that Mom used. The photo above of Karen cooking Swiss steak was for the weekly Wednesday Dinners-with-Mom. The sisters took turns fixing a homemade meal, usually at Mom’s house. Mom’s sisters, C.J. would be there also.

If you’re making it in an electric frying pan, cook it around 250 to 300 degrees. Karen says if it sticks and burns a bit, don’t panic. Just leave that in the pan when you dish it up.

Let me know if you try out the recipe and tell me how you liked it.

One thought on “Mom’s Swiss Steak Recipe

  1. You’ll notice there are 2 Saladmaster electric skillets–I had a set of Saladmaster cookware, too. The last couple of years though, I’ve been using a pressure cooker to make this dish. 20 minutes cooking time is a big improvement over 2+ hours. Turns out very tender with a perfect gravy.


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