On the Beach

I’ve just returned from a few days at Daytona Beach, Florida. Walking on the beach reminded me of the time Mom and Dad came to visit us in Texas. We took them to South Padre Island. It was only the second time they experienced the ocean.

I pulled out some old photos to relive those moments. Although I couldn’t find all of them, here’s a couple showing their beach outing. I must go on a photo scanning binge and get the rest of them added here.

The folks enjoyed walking along the sandy beach and finding seashells. Mom got a kick out of feeding the seagulls some crackers that we had with us.

The mural in the background was painted by Robert Wyland and is called the Whaling Wall. We are standing on the boardwalk between the convention center and the beach.

For lunch, we stopped at Pirate’s Landing right before the bridge going from the mainland to the island. Probably the fried shrimp seemed the most familiar food on the menu. Seafood wasn’t part of our meals in landlocked Kansas when I was growing up.

Since this visit, the restaurant closed so you can no longer sit on their deck and admire the pelicans swooping over the water. The bridge suffered a partial collapse shortly after 9/11 but it was a boating accident, not an act of terrorism as was first feared.

The mural is still there and the beautiful South Padre beach still stretches for miles.



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