The Hoosier Cabinet

My grandmother, Ruth McGhee, had a Hoosier cabinet in her kitchen. It had a flour bin and a nifty rack for spices with glass jars to hold those. These were really useful in old-time kitchens which didn’t have nearly as much storage space as modern kitchens do.On the counter of the cabinet, she would roll out pie crusts or noodles.


baltimore kitchen hoosier cabinet

Hoosier cabinet in my 1970s kitchen in Baltimore, Maryland.


Here’s a photo of a similar cabinet that I had in my rowhouse in Baltimore back in the 1980s. Mine didn’t have the spice rack, but the accordion front provided a great hiding place for the mixer and other appliances. The square drawer was lined with tin, I remember.

Sadly, I no longer have this vintage piece. We’ve made several moves halfway across the country and it wasn’t practical to drag it along with us. I hope it found a good home with someone who appreciated it. I didn’t go to the auction as it would have been sad to see those things being sold.

Do you remember such a cabinet in your family? Maybe you’ve even had one yourself. We bought ours at a flea market in Maryland. Sure was useful.

Here’s one that I saw at a restored village.


2012-03-06 2103 09 03 049

Hoosier cabinet with vintage Fiestaware dishes and a Mixmaster electric mixer.


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