McGhee Sisters – National Siblings Day

Inspired by the vintage photos everyone was posting on Facebook for National Siblings Day, I rummaged out some pictures of Mom with her two sisters.

July 1955

July 1955 – The McGhee sisters with their parents. (L to R) Melba Harlan, Clarence McGhee, Carol Garriott, Ruth McGhee and Gail Martin.

For views of them as children, take a look at these posts: Photo Memories and Vintage Photos.


2011-11-22 gail martin celebration of life 014

Same day – Just the McGhee Sisters


gail melba carol

Gail, Melba and C.J.


2013-01-28 gail and ks photos 041

This was the occasion of Gail and Clyde’s 50th Wedding Anniversary. C.J. tweaks her brother-in-law’s ear. Melba and Norman Harlan stand behind Gail.



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