Mom and the Postcards

Back in 1999, Mom joined the Wichita Postcard Club. Maybe she was hoping for some clues to date the family photos that were in postcard format. We have some those photo postcards in the family albums.

2008-08-20 gail and ks photos 070

A vintage postcard with a photo from Guy S. “These are my bear dogs. Thanks for the present you sent.”

2008-08-20 gail and ks photos 069

I can’t read the date on the old postcard but it was addressed to my grandfather, Lorenzo Martin of Madison, Kansas.

Another reason that she might have joined is perhaps she found some intriguing postcards at yard sales. She loved rummaging around in boxes filled with the bits and pieces of other people’s lives.

She placed the newsletters in a three ring binder and kept the club roster in a folder with some articles about postcard collection that she clipped from newspapers and magazines. That leads me to my third guess, that she planned to write about the topic for Kanhistique. That monthly magazine covered Kansas history and antiques.

Kanhistique Magazines

Here are a few of Gail Lee Martin’s articles that were the cover story.

Over the years, they published quite a few of Mom’s articles. It thrilled her to see her writing in print and even featured as the cover story many times. The magazine, now defunct, paid for the articles which gave her an extra incentive to keep writing for them. Apparently the postcard article never made it out of the research stage.

I flipped through the club roster to find Mom’s name. It listed her collecting interests as El Dorado, Kansas oil field towns, and history. Her father and her husband both worked in the oil industry, so I imagine she hoped to learn more through the postcards about the early days to supplement her writing on their lives.


2011-09-24 gail and ks photos 050

Vintage Kansas postcard showing an oil well gusher in Sedan.





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