Home Churned Butter

When I was a kid, growing up on a farm in Kansas, we made our own butter. Now you may think this was back in the dark ages, but it was just in the 1950s.

We had our own Jersey cow who gave a prodigious amount of milk and rich cream, enough for the eight people in the family. She was cream-colored and her name was Cream.

cream the cow + Roxio

A vintage photo of our Jersey milk cow.

The cream rose to the top of the milk and was so thick that you could stand a spoon up in it. We loved it on our oatmeal each morning. We put sugar or brown sugar on the oatmeal too.

The bulk of the cream went into the glass Dazey churn for converting to butter. Turning the metal handle was assigned to one of the children and after what seemed like hours, the wooden paddles became harder and harder to turn. The cream was becoming butter.

Daisy Churn_edited

I browsed around on eBay and found this picture. It’s exactly what our churn looked like.

Mom would form it into a lump and rinse it over and over. Fifty years later, I still remember how good it tasted on toast or on mashed potatoes.

(Memory by Virginia Allain, first published on Bubblews, March 2014)

2 thoughts on “Home Churned Butter

  1. It was a sad, sad day when Cream died. 😦 My ex wanted a churn and I happened to come across one at the antique mall in Emporia (Kansas). They’re pretty expensive now, but I bought it and had my daughter take it to him on one of her trips.


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