Momisms – Sayings from Moms

Funny Things and Not-So-Funny Things Moms Say

Remember all the sayings your mom had handy for all occasions? Those are called momisms. They were handy to remind children of proper behavior or perhaps just uttered in desperate moments as your mom reached the end of her rope.

I’ve gathered some of these universal slogans that I heard from my mom and you probably heard from your mom. Enjoy this trip down memory lane with these momisms. If you don’t see one that you remember, add it in the comment section.

The classic shown above, “You’ll eat it and you’ll like it,” reflected a time when moms didn’t have the time and huge selection of food on hand to cater to a kid’s eating whims. Mom fixed a nutritious meal and we were all hungry enough to eat every bite. We learned to eat what was put on the table and not to whine for something else. If you were still hungry, there was always more bread and butter or bread with gravy to fill your tummy.

“Don’t Get Smart with Me” – I’m Sure Your Mom Said This or the variation “No Backtalk Now”

You know that look on your mom’s face: lips pursed, shaking her finger at you in admonition, she would say, “Now, don’t get smart with me, young lady.” If you continued to push your point or request, the situation could deteriorate rapidly.

Your best bet at this point was to back off and return to the issue another time when Mom might be in a more mellow mood.

If you say something unwise, your mom might say, “What did you just say?” You can tell by her tone of voice that you are in huge trouble if you repeat it.


Retro Housewife Card | Don't Get Smart With Me!
Retro Housewife Card | Don’t Get Smart With Me! by Whatsbuzzin

I have a batch more of these, but I’ll spread them out and give you time to savor them.


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