Things Moms Say

Remember Mom Saying: “I’ll Give You Something to Cry About.”

Actually, Dad said this too. Most likely, you were already crying over something and it upset them. They would say, “If you don’t stop that crying, I’ll give you something to cry about.” It was really hard to stop crying but with this threat, you made a real effort to pull yourself together.

I’m sure with six of us, it must have been a trial dealing with our fussing and crying when we couldn’t have something or didn’t want to do something.

Here are more to trigger your memories.

    • What part of NO don’t you understand?
    • I don’t care who started it.
    • No one said life is fair.
    • Eat your vegetables.
    • Children in China are starving.


Don’t Make Me Come Up There –

I particularly remember my mother saying, “Don’t make me come up there.” This applied to times when I or my siblings didn’t respond promptly when called. Maybe we were needed to help prepare dinner or it was time to get ready for school or leave for church. Mom would call up the stairway with her request and we might answer, “in a minute, Mom.”

Then, we would stretch that minute for quite a while. Sometimes, I was reading and just had to get to the end of a chapter. After one or two reminders, Mom would stand on the bottom step and resort to the threat of coming upstairs. At that point, we knew our time was up and her patience was worn thin.

(posted by Gail Lee Martin’s middle daughter, Virginia Allain)

2 thoughts on “Things Moms Say

  1. Actually, the defining moment for me was when Dad had had enough of our ignoring Mom! I moved pretty fast then.

    I remember Mom making me and Cindy sit together on the same step of the stairway once when we were fighting. Pretty inspired punishment!


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