Make Giblet Gravy

My mom wrote her instructions for making giblet gravy and posted them on the eHow site back in 2004. Here’s that article.

Here’s my way of making gravy for serving with the turkey for special meals and Thanksgiving.

Things You’ll Need:

  • giblets (liver, heart, neck, gizzard)
  • water
  • flour
  • a shaker
  • crock pot
  • turkey dripping
  • salt
  1. When the turkey is thawed enough, remove the packet of giblets stored inside. If they are difficult to remove, run cold water into the turkey.

    2013-11-28 005

    The giblets are inside the turkey.

    Remove the giblets from the wrapper and place the heart, gizzard, liver and neck in a pan of water. Boil until tender. The liver can either be removed before the others, as it cooks more quickly or placed in the pot near the end when the others are almost done.

  2. Remove the giblets and neck into a pan to cool. Turn off the heat. Save the broth.
  3. When they’re cool, cut all into small pieces and add back into the broth. (I usually eat the meat from the neck while doing this. You can pull it off the bone and put it into the gravy if you want to go to all that trouble.)
  4. Heat all to boiling and add a cream sauce made of water and flour prepared in a shaker. I use a Tupperware shaker. (1/2 full of cold water, add 4 heaping large-serving-spoon size of flour). Shake it vigorously in the shaker to blend the flour and water. While pouring the cream sauce from the shaker into hot broth, stir vigorously.
  5. After the gravy thickens, I pour it into a preheated crock pot. When the turkey is cooked, my husband drains the drippings into one end of the pan and we add that to the gravy for more flavor. Add salt to flavor.
Tips & Warnings
  • This makes enough gravy for a crowd. We’re usually feeding 20 or more.
  • If you don’t make the cream sauce in a shaker, you might have lumps in your gravy. You can pour it through a sieve to remove the lumps in that case.
clyde, cat, turkey, 1988 001

Clyde Martin carving the turkey

This is the kind of shaker used for the cream sauce that goes into the gravy.

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