Snow Days – Then and Now

My sister, Karen Kolavalli, is our guest blogger for today: “A snow storm like this meant our country school would be closed when I was a kid. All six of the Martin kids would have been out playing in the snow until we were sodden and frozen. We’d come in and huddle around the wood stove to thaw out. Mom would already have hot homemade cocoa ready for us and we could look forward to potato soup with bread and homemade butter or pancakes and eggs for supper.

Today I’m content to watch the snow coming down from the warmth of my home. The TV news indicates that’s a really good idea.

Snow in the Flint Hills of Kansas back in the 1920s.

Snow in the Flint Hills of Kansas back in the 1920s. I don’t know if that is little Gail McGhee in the back seat or not.

If Mom were still here, we could ask her if she remembers the Armistice Day Blizzard of 1940 that raged from Kansas to Michigan. I did find a poem she wrote in 2006 inspired by the snow and ice that Kansas was having then. In 2007, icy day motivated her to revise Ice Storm and feature it with her granddaughter’s photos on the Our Echo website.

Here’s another snowy photo from the McGhee family album.


Clarence McGhee pulling daughters, Melba and Gail, on a sled. In the background is the lease house. Maybe 1926 or so.

3 thoughts on “Snow Days – Then and Now

  1. I hear the snow has been like this for nearly two months in the state I lived for many years. Lots of school-closed days this winter. So glad I’m not there, but the photos you shared do make me long for my childhood, when we played outside all day long whenever school was out, even in the snow, just as your family did.


  2. A bit of context–the snow storm I was talking about in this (a Facebook post) was the first of two 14-inch snow storms my first winter in Kentucky in 2014. I was newly retired and could truly enjoy the sense of being snowed in. During my working years, I didn’t have that luxury.


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