Plans for the A to Z Blog Challenge

Last year, I missed participating in the April A-Z Blog Challenge. It was a great experience the previous two years, so I want to jump in again for 2017.

I have several blogs, but I’m choosing this blog about my memories of Mom, Gail Lee Martin, to post the A to Z topics in.

Here are some ideas I have for it:

A is for Vintage AUTOS

B is for Brown Sugar Syrup

C is for Cedar Chests

D is for Dandelion Wine

pixabay computer write

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

E is for Eastern Phoebe

F is for Favorite Foods of the 1950s

G is for Gail’s Bookshelf – Slacks and Calluses

H is for Hamilton (where Mom went to high school)

I Remember Our 1940s Homes

J is for Journaling

K is for Keeping an Old Car Running (Gail’s advice)

L is for Liking the Book

M is for Memories of the Flood of 1951

N is for No-Bake Cookies (a family favorite)

O is for Obituary (my mother’s)

P is for Pancakes Made from Scratch

Q is for Quilts in the Family

R is for Ruth’s Sympathy Cards

S is for Someone Has to be the Family Historian

T is for Tornado Memories

U is for Undaunted by the Microphone (Gail’s speaking engagements)

V is for Vintage Westerns (Dad’s favorite reads)

W is for Woodward County (our grandmother’s homeplace)

X is for Xenias

Y is for Yodeling

Z is for Zigzags

As the blog posts are posted, I’ll return and put the link here. That way, this serves as an index for the month of April and the A to Z challenge. Some of the topics might get changed as the month progresses.


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