A Is for Autos

Classic Cars from the McGhee and Martin Family Albums

In sorting old photos for my mother’s book about her childhood in the 1930s, I was intrigued by the pictures of family cars through the decades. I’ll share some of these vintage car pictures here with you.

This photo shows my mom, Gail Lee Martin, between two of her school days friends. They are posing with her dad’s new car in the 1930s. She was fortunate during the Great Depression of the 1930s, her dad had a job when so many could not find work.

Gail & friends at the company Camp_roxio


Mom had sorted the family photos into cigar boxes. There was one box labeled “CARS” so here are those great old automobile photos from the 1920s and 1930s.

written on back:   "stole
after 2 day never found"

This photo was labeled “Albert Vining – new car.” Albert was Gail Martin’s uncle.

pearl tower

This one labeled “Pearl Tower” looks like the same model of car, though a bit worse for wear. I’m not sure what the purpose of the addition on the running board is for. Pearl Tower and Albert Vining both lived in Tyro, Kansas, and she was his sister-in-law so it is quite likely that this is Albert’s car.

Roy Sam Clarence Mc Ghee Roxio

The photo above was labeled “Roy, Sam and Clarence McGhee with Car on the Phillips Petroleum Lease.” Clarence was Gail’s father, Sam was her grandfather, and Roy was her uncle. This also looks like the same model of car.

All the photos are from the Martin family album

12 thoughts on “A Is for Autos

  1. I don’t know why, but I’m a total sucker for old photos. These are fun. That grid-rack on the running board, if I remember correctly, folds down, so a lady in nice shoes or heels, or a child with short legs, can step more daintily onto the running board.

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  3. I wonder if that rack on the running board was extra storage space. It’s just a two-seater and the trunk doesn’t look all that big. Thanks, Kathryn, for the info about it folding down when not in use. If that’s is Sam in the other photo, I think he must be the man who’s kneeling. And if it’s Sam, it must have been not long before he was killed in the drilling rig accident (judging from the ages of Roy, center ?, and Clarence. (


    • I’m still puzzling out that last photo. The man on the right looks like post-WWI Clarence–fuller face and the hat/suit. Plus he’s the one who worked for Phillips….I’d not heard that Sam and Roy worked for them. The car does seem to be pre-WWI though. Anyway, I’m wondering if that’s Clarence with some anonymous Phillips employees rather than his Dad and brother..


  4. Wow these are great! The best part is that you can identify who is in the picture. So many times we inherit a box of photos with no idea who the people were or why the photo was important. Thanks for sharing.


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