H is for Hamilton, Kansas

Learning about Hamilton, Kansas

My mother, Gail Martin, graduated from high school in Hamilton, Kansas, back when she was still Gail McGhee. That was about all I knew about Hamilton, so I did some research. Here’s what I found out about this small Kansas town. Only a few hundred people now live there.  The small town is located in Greenwood County, just north of Eureka and south of Madison.

Perhaps you have links to Hamilton or have heard of it. Please sound the guestbook at the end of the page and tell us about your interest in Hamilton, Kansas.

The photo below shows my mother’s graduating class at Hamilton. It is in the family photo collection.

1942 Hamilton KS high school graduates

Gail Lee McGhee is right under the words Hamilton Seniors.

Mom had a postcard image of Hamilton High School. Pretty impressive building for such a small town. If this is like Madison, it would house all the grades from first grade through high school. The high school would have been on the top floor.


Hamilton High School in Kansas where Gail Lee McGhee graduated.

To see what the area around Hamilton looks like, view this short YouTube video, The Flint Hills – Meditations from a Kansas Prairie.

Read More About It

my_flint_hills_childhood___paperback_versionMy mother wrote many family memory pieces about her early life. I gathered these together in a book that I self-published on blurb.com. Her book is titled My Flint Hills Childhood: Growing Up in 1930s Kansas. In the book, she includes a picture of herself in her prom dress for the Hamilton prom. Her maiden name was Gail McGhee. She dated Johnnie Faylor while attending Madison High School, but ended up marrying my dad, Clyde Martin.

There’s a book about his life as well, Clyde Owen Martin: Family Memories of His Life and Times. It’s also available in the Blurb online bookstore. Dad has family connections to Hamilton that goes back several generations.

clyde martin book cover

The book about Dad is also available from Blurb.

The Martin Connection to Hamilton

Joy Mill - roxio
This is my great-grandfather, Alfred Joy and his son Harry standing in front of the feed mill that he owned in Hamilton. The picture is from the book, Clyde Owen Martin: Family Memories of His Life and Times.

Harry Joy - 1st grade Hamilton-copy_edited

Around 1904-1906, first-grade class, Hamilton, KS

This piece of Hamiton history is from the early 1900s. Harry Earl Joy, son of Marie (Kennedy) and Henry Alfred Joy, is in first grade in this picture. I don’t know which child is Harry. He was born in 1898 in Baldwin, Kansas.

This photo is from the paperback edition of Dad’s book. Harry Joy was Dad’s uncle.

In hopes of finding out more about Hamilton and its early days, I’ve asked to join a Facebook group called U Know U R from Hamilton KS. I’ll keep exploring.

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