Zest for Life

Zest for Life

Gail Lee Martin brought a zest to her life that was contagious. It wasn’t always evident in the last few years of her life when worries about her husband’s health and her own took its toll on them.

Her interests throughout her life were many and quite varied. She tackled each with gusto, learning all that she could about that topic. Then she wanted to share her passion for that topic with others. She made learning a fun thing to do.

That made her a great scout leader, 4-H leader, and a mom. Many a time, dinner was late or household chores pushed aside for a project with her kids. Her enthusiasm was catching, instilling an excitement about an activity such as identifying rocks and minerals or making a butterfly net.

paper hats

Gail Lee Martin (left), sister C.J. Garriott, and granddaughter, Samantha Hyle. Obviously, they’re having lots of fun making paper hats.

Zest Soap

When I told my sister the topic for today’s blog post, she thought it was going to be about the folks’ lifelong brand loyalty to Zest soap. It easily could have been, as I remember well that green bar of soap.

In their final home in El Dorado, there resided a vintage claw-foot tub with curving lines like the one in this photo. Mom loved to soak in that. Even when they modernized the bathroom with a convenient shower for Dad, she was adamant that the tub must remain.

claw-foot-tub-pixabay bath

Old-fashioned bathtub – photo courtesy of Pixabay

When given a bar of luxury soap, she would use it but returned to good old Zest when the fancy soap was gone. That brand loyalty extended to many products. Once they found one that worked fine, why experiment with others was their philosophy.

2 thoughts on “Zest for Life

  1. I love this picture of your Mom–it illustrates her zest for life !
    She must have been a great Mom to have !
    You and your siblings were blessed.


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