Sunday Drive with Gail

Guest Blogger: Gail’s daughter, Karen Kolavalli.

Remembering another special day with Mom and my daughter five years ago. A Facebook chat memory.

Gail Lee Martin: Enjoyed a Sunday drive along Butler county back roads with Karen and her daughter. Saw lots of beautiful wildflowers. Returned home to see vases of Karen’s special iris blooms and to watch the cubs ballgame that had been on a rain delay for 2 hours and 40 minutes.

karen's iris

Iris from Karen’s yard

Cj Garriott: Sounds like a delightful afternoon!

Karen Kolavalli: Gail Lee Martin, my daughter, and I had a great time puttering along the back roads of Butler County–wildflowers, birds (scared up a big ol’ turkey!), and even a box turtle.

Karen Kolavalli: Was that one flower you were trying to remember a “mock orange”?

Gail Lee Martin: Yes that was what it was. Thanks ·

Karen Kolavalli: yay! Glad we didn’t make you miss the Cubs’ game!

kk photo road trip with gail

Some of the scenery on the Kansas road trip. Photo by Karen Kolavalli.

kk road trip 3 with gail

Wild plant photographed by Karen on the road trip with her mom.

KK road trip 2 with gail

Kansas sunlight filtered through the trees. Photo by Karen.

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