Iris – A Favorite of Mom’s

Gail Lee Martin’s daughters all feature iris in their gardens. It’s a tribute to their mother’s love of this stately flower. For much of the summer, the plant is mostly spiked leaves, but the dramatic flowers in spring brighten any flower bed.


Many old homesteads in Kansas have decades-old clumps of iris that come up year-after-year. The small flower heads and limited colors pale before the appearance of the hybrid iris.

Gail planted the showy hybrid iris around a tree by the driveway at the farmhouse near El Dorado where the family lived for eight years. She created a walkway of native stone to lead from the garage down to the family vegetable garden. Along those steps, she planted iris and some wild plants plus low-growing hen and chicks.

Eventually, when she and Clyde bought their small home in town where they lived through their retirement, the flower beds naturally featured handsome clumps of iris. El Dorado had an iris grower and Gail couldn’t resist bringing home new, dramatic colors of hybrid iris for their yard.

eldorado iris gardens by eva tower

El Dorado iris garden (photo by Eva Tower)

The collage of iris above are ones photographed in Cindy, Ginger, and Karen’s yards. Yes, they all love iris. The iris garden photo is by Eva Tower.


One thought on “Iris – A Favorite of Mom’s

  1. I love Irises. They resemble orchids and are beautiful,
    My Mom loved daffodils. I included a reference to daffodils in my novel,” Loving Christy. “


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